Tips and Common Pitfalls

Tips and Tricks

NEVER Lick Your NeedlesNo matter how many times you brush your teeth your mouth is full of bacteria. Licking your needle gets that bacteria on the needle and then injecting it gets it into your skin and/or blood which can lead to severe infections. AVOID SharingRisks of getting infections from others aren’t just from sharing…

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Cleaning Equipment with Bleach


Try to use new works every time. If new works are not available, try to clean what you have with bleach. The goal is to try to kill any hepatitis C, HIV, and other germs that may be in the infection equipment. Some studies in the laboratory have found undiluted bleach to be effective at…

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Injecting Step-by-Step

Injecting Step by Step

Do the best you can to keep things clean and sterile. To keep skin clean, wash your hands with soap and water or with hand sanitizer. Also, clean the skin where you plan to inject with Less effective ways to clean your skin include using hydrogen peroxide or a baby wipe. Do not lick the…

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The Works

Hypodermic Needle- works

Equipment Safest Option Alternative Option Cooker New metal cooker (ie stericup) Clean sterilized (with bleach) metal spoon not used by anyone else Filter Single-use wheel filter Single-use small cotton balls Syringe & Needle New syringe every time with a detachable needle (e.g. insulin syringe) New needle for every injection. Start smaller and use the right…

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