Cotton Fever

What is Cotton Fever?

Cotton Fever is an illness that develops after injecting substances, and in particular can happen after doing a “cotton shot”. It usually goes away in 24-48 hours.

What Causes Cotton Fever?

It is caused when bacteria from reused cottons, filters, needles, or other injection supplies are released into the body.

Preventing Cotton Fever

Bacteria and fungi can grow and multiply in cottons, so it is important to use new cotton to avoid this.

To prevent future episodes, the best practices are to use a new, clean cotton every time you inject. The use of any filter (e.g. of cigarette, lint) or injection can put you at risk of cotton fever.

Signs and Symptoms of Cotton Fever

  • High fever
  • Fatigue
  • Low Energy
  • Nausea
  • Shaking Chills
  • Muscle and Joint Pain

Symptoms of cotton fever are similar to other more serious complications, so it is important that if symptoms persist more than a day, you should seek medical attention.

Symptoms of infective endocarditis can be like symptoms of cotton fever. You must seek medical care if symptoms do not improve over 24 hours. Repeated episodes of cotton fever could place you at risk of getting infective endocarditis.

It rarely requires medical treatment, and taking a medication that can reduce fever such as acetaminophen can be used to help with symptoms.