Preventing Re-Infection of Endocarditis

Quick Tips

  1. Complete all antibiotics as prescribed

  2. If you have an intravenous line for antibiotics, keep it clean and covered and only use it for antibiotics

  3. If receiving medication treatment, continue medication treatment for your substance use disorder to help prevent return to substance use

  4. Avoid injection use; consume orally, rectally, snort, or smoke instead.

  5. If injecting, use a clean (ideally new) needle and sterile water to dissolve your drug(s). Clean your skin with alcohol or soap/water, and sterile water (or boiled water) before injecting

  6. Do not lick your injection site or needle

  7. Clean and dry all wounds and scrapes

  8. Avoid dental care and cleaning 6 months after your surgery. Always let your dentist know if you have had heart valve surgery before they provide dental care

  9. If you had surgery, monitor your surgical site and keep it clean and dry

  10. Seek medical attention for any abscesses or infections right away

  11. Follow up with your cardiologist, cardiac surgeon, and infectious disease clinician

  12. See your primary care doctor regularly

  13. If currently using tobacco products, work on smoking/tobacco cessation

  14. Brush your teeth daily, floss daily, and see a dentist. Teeth infections can cause heart valve infections.