The Works

EquipmentSafest Option Alternative Option
CookerNew metal cooker (ie stericup)Clean sterilized (with bleach) metal spoon not used by anyone else
FilterSingle-use wheel filterSingle-use small cotton balls
Syringe & NeedleNew syringe every time with a detachable needle (e.g. insulin syringe)

New needle for every injection.

Start smaller and use the right needle size for you:  24G or 25G, 1 inch in length for intramuscular injections.

29G or 30 for IV injection, ½ inch to 5/16 inch. Do not sharpen or clip the needle, it is better to use a dull needle as sharpening it can cause more damage to the vein.
If you must reuse, reuse a syringe only you’ve used and clean it with bleach followed by rinsing with water
WaterSterile waterBoiled or sterile water is best, followed by bottled water, then tap water, then water from the tank (top part) of the toilet bowl. Avoid puddle water or water from inside the toilet bowl.
TieRubber tourniquetSocks, stockings, condom
Skin CleanerAlcohol wipes or soap and waterHand sanitizer
Acid (required only for certain drugs to help dissolve-e.g. brown or black tar heroin, crack cocaine)Vitamin C packetsCitric Acid
Disposal of EquipmentDispose of works such as needles and syringes in a sharps container.If there is a plastic snap lid on the needle, close it. Place the syringe in a hard container such as a water bottle, laundry detergent bottle, coffee can, or, if needed, capped in a trash can.